Saturday, May 25, 2013


In a wild, uncouth experiment, I'm moving my blog over to a shiny new writing website I created on squarespace:

Look at that! It has its own url and EVERYTHING. Clearly, I must be a highly professional writer and worthy of the multi-million pound deal you're about to throw my way!

… what do you mean "Don't you have a job?"

It's a minor point and we're ignoring it. 

Currently, I'm reasonably pleased with squarespace. The templates are pretty and because you pay for the service, their customer support is excellent. I also like having my blog integrated on a webpage with photos and other writing-related information. 

If I were to nit pic, I'd say I miss blogger's summary list (on lower right-hand side of this page), since it's very easy to track down posts if I know roughly when I wrote them. On the other hand, squarespace has a great search bar, so that may suffice. 

Anyway, I'm desperately hoping that everyone who read my blog HERE, will come and read my blog THERE.



  1. will add you to my reader (if I can). The new place looks great

    1. Thank you!

      You should be able to add my blog to your reader easily (I hope!). If you point your reader at it should grab the rss feed, or more directly:

      Do let me know if that's a problem because no rss feed would be hopeless!