Why not 'girl & cat'?

This is a failure on my part to come up with a sufficiently original blog name that I didn't have to resort to bizarre spellings to secure the url. It is not --contrary to what I know y'all are thinking-- because my spelling is that bad. Not least because I have a spell checker.

Did you really just use 'y'all' back there?

I lived in Florida for three years. Those people are to blame for many things.

I'm thinking of moving to Japan / Canada / USA / UK, can I ask you a question?

Shoot. I may not know the answer but I'm happy to share what information I have. Just add a comment to one of my posts and maybe click the 'Email follow-up comments to' so you can track replies.

I'm not thinking of moving anywhere, but can I ask you a question anyway?

Go for it. I'm weak on politics, just so you know.

What's your cat's name?

Tallis. She's furry.

What's your name?

Elizabeth. I'm not furry.

Was it hard taking your cat with you to Japan?

Not super hard, but it required a lot of preparation. I made a post on the key points if you're thinking of a similar move yourself, here.

Can I see a picture of you?

I have been known to include a snap of me in a blog entry, especially if I'm doing something unbelievably awesome / death defying / sinisterly impressive ...

... look it doesn't happen all that often, but don't rule it out.

I'm probably not going to put a photo due to a request because I'm slightly creeped out that you've asked.

Did these ridiculous posts actually happen?

Yes. I exaggerate painfully little for comic effect.

Did people really ask you these questions or did you make them up to feel loved?

Many of them people asked. Some, I made up but I knew you were all wondering. Yes.