Monday, December 12, 2005

American birthday

Due to the American format for dates reversing the day and month sections from the British day/month/year design (a far more logical system, incidentally. You increase in size in the UK, days being smaller than months being smaller than years, see?), I'm confident that on at least half my official documents in the USA I've registered my birthday at being the 7th December instead of the middle of July. To celebrate this, I held an 'American birthday' party at my apartment on Saturday. We went with a seasonal Christmas theme that included chestnuts and mulled wine, both of which were treated with suspicion by the natives but then devoured enthusiastically. In the above photo, I'd been informed that 25 candles was far too many to light (!) so we went with 12 1/2. But really, anything that involved cake could only be extremely good. In the early hours of the morning a last rendition of the robot dance was performed to the Beatles 'Lady Madonna' and a swift count of the empty bottles indicated a job well done. Many thanks to Suhdi for the cake and the beautiful earrings, Naomi (pictured above) for holding the cake while I made a wish and giving me chocolates, Emily for reminding me to breath and everyone else for coming and making it a great night!


  1. Ah, this is great! Some of your initial impressions of living in the U.S.; it's so Pre-Facebook, I haven't seen it before. Hopefully I can break a blogging record for time elapsed between post and comment :-)

    Every time I have to write a date down or read a date, it takes me about 3 seconds to process the correct order. I still can't get the hang of it...

  2. Interestingly, that isn't my absolute first post... it almost is, but there were a few before it which I think tells you that blogger eventually deletes entries. I should really keep a back up somewhere safe....

    Canada write their dates dd/mm/yy. I now always check and assume nothing on forms XD