Sunday, August 16, 2009


Surreptitious camera-phone picture while queuing for the ladies restrooms at a motorway service station this weekend. Yes, there is indeed a urinal just off to the left, hidden from view at this angle by a low panel. Can I just say:


What sort of female has the ability to use a urinal, especially with the sort of projection advertised by that sign?! I can only think of three possibilities:

1. Transsexuals.

2. Individuals in possession of a she pee device. (I come from the home of the Glastonbury festival. I make no apologies for knowing about this creation).

3. Small male children there with mothers.

In the former case, is it really likely that you would want to demonstrate your anatomy to a long line of women with their legs crossed, especially when the men's restroom inevitably has no queue? I'm thinking not so much, even more so if you are trying to forget your born gender.

The second case would work, but are such inventions really so wide spread that its worth installing a urinal in a public ladies toilet?

As to the third... well, the figure is drawn in pink.

The mind, quite frankly, boggles.

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