Thursday, March 25, 2010

RE: Your mail

No one likes replying to distressing emails. If someone has said something to upset you, why on earth would you want to write back? Still, it in an inevitable fact that we all need to deal with such events from time to time. This morning, I had the misfortune of receiving two such missives. The first was linked to my research, the second to my role playing game. The amazing point was that I realised my answer to both parties was essentially the same.

Being able to link a message regarding simulations of galactic evolution with one concerning your alter-ego as a teenage Japanese boy is not something that can be achieved every day. It is therefore with some pride that I present the following delete-as-appropriate response:

Dear ex-advisor / RP moderator,

After giving your email detailed consideration today, I have reached the unfortunate opinion that you are quite mad. Your request that I re-run all my simulations / stop dead a plotline after months of work is excessively unreasonable. Your justifications for wishing this to occur do not make any sense since no one else believes this change will make a difference / this plot line does not involve your characters. Additionally, the work is all done / characters are controlled by me, not you and you do not have the right to interfere with no consideration to the effort I have put in or my views.

I would be more inclined to heed your opinions if this was a single occurrence. The fact remains, however, that I have spent a huge amount of time compromising and altering the wording in the paper / character events to please you, despite the fact you will not do the same in return.

Given I am first author / the mun of these characters, I think your insistence that such minor topics are corrected by me, at huge personal expense in terms of time and energy, is both selfish and upsetting. I should like to remind you that this is not my main priority and that it is supposed to be science / fun.

I do not wish to not publish the paper / quit the game, since I think there are many aspects that are extremely good about it. However, I will not be bullied.