Monday, July 26, 2010

Cat litter & cherries

Canadian Border Guard: Are you bringing any items back from the USA?

I think of the 50 kg of cat litter, 6 apricots, 4 plums, the tub of home made pesto and a device for de-stoning cherries I picked up at the supermarket.

I could have explained it:

Me: I can't find a cat litter brand I like in Canada. There's only a couple of different ones and they don't clump the pee well, so the litter becomes manky in-between cleaning the box. It's pretty nasty for my cat, so I thought I'd stock up while I was in NY. Then, my friend and I visited a farmer's market on Saturday and they were selling this gorgeous looking fruit. I really had to buy some apricots and plums. We ate about half of them but there were a few left that I thought I'd eat tonight so I chucked them in my cooler. Then we made some pesto from a whole load of basil leaves, and it just seemed a shame to say 'no' to taking some back to try. It smells really good, I think I'm going to try making it myself from now on rather than buying the little jars; they are wasteful, don't you think? And then we went to Wagmans which is a huge supermarket and they had a demonstration on this device for removing cherry stones. I really like cherries, but I hate spitting out the stones - it's kinda gross - so this solves all that. But anyway, the whole lot is only worth like $30, so it's totally not worth you spending the time listening to this huge description and .... oh, your shift ended 3 hours ago? And you're going to steal my fruit?

Or I could just go and de-stone some cherries.

Me: Nope. Not a thing.

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