Monday, July 4, 2011

Conforming to type

"In Japan, we think no one in the UK uses an umbrella. Is this true?"

It had been a gorgeous weekend, but on Monday morning I had awoken to heavy rain that continued into the afternoon. It was now lunchtime and the theoretical galaxy research group were gathered in the hallway, waiting for the lift.

I looked around our group.

Every single person was carrying an umbrella. Apart from me. I was in a rain coat.

It was hard to deny with any sense of conviction.


  1. Game Show ChaserJuly 5, 2011 at 7:54 PM

    Ha! I've noticed exactly the same thing, and I've been happily defiant. I bought a jacket specifically with a large enough inside pocket to always -- ALWAYS -- carry an umbrella. Once, while exiting Wembley, with 85,000 other people, the rain began. I was one of, oh, 4, people, who opened an umbrella.

  2. But but BUT what if you needed your hands suddenly? To like ... um ... walk on them? Then you'd have to drop your umbrella and you'd get wet. Or the soles of your shoes would because they would be in the air.

    As Stefan would say: "Disaster".