Thursday, March 29, 2012

The city God forgot to colour in

Japan is celebrating the arrival of spring. Last week contained a public holiday to mark the Spring Equinox. Pink plum flowers are appearing throughout Tokyo and the city is preparing for next week's hanami celebrations where hoards of people will descend on the parks to gape up at the famous cherry blossoms. As I walked to work this week, I wondered if I too should be celebrating the arrival of the warmer weather...


… and decided, on reflection, no.

To be fair, the weather is showing signs of changing. It no longer snows all day, every day. It now snows all day some days and some snow all days. The periods of heavy fat flakes are shorter and a bold attempt at rain in the form of sleet has started to appear.

With only the smallest of considerations to confirm that 'The Day after Tomorrow' was indeed a movie, I can honestly say this is more snow than I have ever seen before in my life. I mean, the last time I saw a whole pavement must have been the best part of five months ago. If I had started building snowmen in November, by now I could have created an UNDEFEATABLE ARMY with which to rule the WHOLE WORLD.


Except the sticky heat of Florida. But that's going under water soon enough.

Then I googled images of Sapporo (to try and determine if we ever even had pavements) and discovered that the annual snow festival had already had the same terrible idea.

So enjoy your spring, Tokyo, but be warned: we're coming.

P.S.  Please send sweatshirts.


  1. I luv you more and more each time you write something.

    1. Nuh uh. Today you win for considering bare faced theft... and posting about it.

  2. I'm officially envious. This post title is just so damn good. The rest of the post too, of course, but that title, man, that title, I wish I could've written that ...

    PS: Sweatshirt still needed in Tokyo. No can send. It's an old Tokyo tradition: we freeze our butts off during hanami. Hence copious amounts of sake in an attempt to keep warm. That's our excuse anyway. :D

    1. Ooh thanks! Now I wonder if I should have saved it for a best seller, rather than a blog post :D

      Maybe I should just hope that in a sake induced stupor, you all send me your sweatshirts.