Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hot feet


"What's up?" I looked over at the cat sitting beside me on the desk.


"Is it the heated pad? Is it too hot?" I'd put down a small electric blanket on a cushion next to where I was working for Tallis to sit on. Technically, the box it came in said that it shouldn't be used on pets, but my friend had one that her cat used to love. I put my hand on the felty blue surface. Perhaps it was uncomfortable on the pads of her paws. "I can turn it down." I did so, clicking the control to 'medium'.


"You know .... you could always just get off it."


I picked her up and promptly received a vigorous face wash. I squinted out of one eye. "Do you just want me to hold you until the blanket cools?"


Apparently, yes. Cat is now curled in a ball on heated pad. Stroking has produced no interest.

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