Monday, June 1, 2009

Car Tales

You step out of your car, swing the door shut and then hit the button on your key chain to hear the reassuring "beeb beeb" of the locks swinging into place. Perhaps you double click that same button to hear a long "baaarb" of the car double locking itself. You glance back. Windows shut, sun roof down. Safe as houses.

So how long do you reckon it'd take someone to break in? Well, okay, there's a limit to what protection you could have against a sledgehammer. But such devices are unwieldy, make more noise than your car alarm and tend to look a little ... well, it's hard to pretend you're using one to drop little 5 year old Susie off at school.

Supposing now that you're the one contemplating the sledge hammer. Or perhaps one of your friends has helpfully suggested it because you've just locked your keys inside the car. There they are, sparkling up at you from the passenger seat.

Fortunately for you, you have AAA cover and one call later and there's a rescue mission underway. A man in a truck finally shows up and you bite your finger nails anxiously. Will he need to tow it to a garage? Will the door need to be broken? Is knocking out the window really the only way?

Or will it take 5 seconds, leave the car completely undamaged and you feeling pleased the keys are in your hand but somewhat disturbed by exactly how easy that was?

Apparently the trick involves a tool that looks like a wire coat hanger and one that looks like trowel for setting tiles.

(For the record, it was not me who locked my self out of my vehicle. Nope, I was the one helpfully suggesting the sledgehammer). 


  1. It happened to me...first I had a COP trying to break in...failed. I called AAA and they sent the MAN. He had, yes the helpful tool AND a secret Illuminati book with instructions on how to break in into ANY kind of cars.

    Yes it took him about 5 seconds.
    No you can't find the book on Ebay.
    They say it does not exists.
    But I have seen it.

  2. lol! Awesome. Maybe there's a secret handshake that allows you to purchase such a book.