Tuesday, June 30, 2009

(Maybe) only in Tokyo

... and even then it was rather surprising.

Before the start of my improv. comedy workshop this evening (I emphasis the before part to give the story credulity) one of the other participants told us how he had left his ipod touch at a bar the proceeding week. This bar transpired to be a well known seedy hangout in Shibuya (the details of exactly what he was doing there were rather glossed over) and he left his ipod on a table right in the centre of this bustling joint. The following morning, he called the bar and asked in resigned tones whether they happened to have seen said ipod and if so, whether it was still visible to them. Not only did the bar have it safe but he found on collecting it that they'd recharged it for him overnight.

If it had been a bicycle, it would totally have gone.

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