Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hello Facebook, what's your problem?

Hello Facebook, we clearly needed to talk this weekend.

Despite my best efforts, I saw no obvious reason why you decided to stop importing my blog. You claimed you were still paying attention and watching the RSS feed. Yet, the feed contained two new posts and you? You contained none.

Why was this, Facebook? Did the RSS feed make you an offer you just had to refuse? Do you perhaps hate tennis and were revolted by the idea of importing a note about such a horrific game? Or conversely, have you been glued to Wimbledon and are disgusted by my stated lack of skill? If so, Facebook, this is a problem we need to address because I'm playing again next Wednesday.

I understand, really I do, that some jobs get a little dull. You might well have felt that your time is better spent deciding whether '42' really is the ideal number of friends. I don't know, you largely talk through other people's words. But seriously Facebook, we have to make this work. I'm not cool with stopping and restarting your import settings every time I blog. It kind of defies the point of the auto-import feature, don't you think?

I'm glad we had this time together. I feel we have something special, Facebook, and I want to make it work. Just you and me and my two hundred friends you keep me in touch with.

So let's see if you can manage this post. Check, retrieve, post. It's that simple.

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